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Hello gardeners,  a warm welcome from your fellow Crazy Gardener.

Through this website/ blog I am intending to discuss/ share more information related to gardening in Indian sub continent and specifics related to gardening in Chennai, India. While most of the information would be generic in nature few discussions would be more specific towards these locations.

The knowledge I have gained comes from intensive practicing of organic terrace/ ground gardening, knowledge share from fellow gardeners and knowledge gained by surfing through articles in internet and trying them in my garden.

My methods have turned strict and looks pretty conventional but when practiced with dedication would give you better results. While I would provide inputs on knowledge I would write more specifics on what I had followed and what worked for me. Hence you can be rest assured on using my tips. Feel free to comment your authentic thoughts so that the knowledge share is documented. Also feel free to write to me personally on things you wish me to talk on.

Happy gardening and hope to discuss with you more on future articles.


Crazy Gardener

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