Preparing your pot/ grow bag or garden bed – Part1 – Understanding the need

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It has been quite some time I have written my next article. Apologies have been busy with personal work and setting up my shopping cart for all your organic needs including seeds and organic supplements. Lets get started.

Preparing your pot/ grow bag or garden bed

Part1 – Understanding the need

In my previous blog I had written about preparing our own potting mix now that we have prepared it we need to setup the mix in such a way that fits the growing conditions of a plant. You might wonder why I am writing a article on this? Isn’t it a simple task to just fill the pot and sow the seed/ fix a plant. Well not really. Lets see why.

I would like to quote my previous article for reference here. We all know by now the real manufacturer of feed for the plants need are the leaves. However the prime supplier of required nutrients and water to the plants are the roots. Moreover the roots need to spread and establish themselves clearly so that the plant  is stable.

Hence our teacher (the nature) has created the complex system of soil layers to make the above possible. The soil layers are broadly classified into 3 layers.

  • The Top Layer
  • The Sub Soil
  • The Bed rock

This is further classified into horizons namely OABCR

The Top layer: This consists of O and A Horizons. The O horizon is nothing but the partly decomposed materials. This indeed is the surface layer of the topsoil which we see. Then cums the real nutrient and mineral rich soil the A horizon which is the humus rich zone where micro organisms, earthworms and other insects live. This is also rich in mineral content. The soil is mostly porous and well aerated. For records this is the potting mix that we have prepared.

The Sub soil: This is called as the B horizon. This is where the compounds that drain from the O and A horizons settle. This is not as porous as top soil. Mostly it is clayey and thick in nature.

Then comes the C Horizon which is nothing but the partly weathered layer of the bedrock.

The Bed rock: This is the R horizon where the bedrock formation settles.

Now a plants root system is desinged to spread across the top soil in search of nutrients and minerals while the tap root drills down in search of water. By isolating the location of nutrients minerals and water nature makes the roots spread there by giving the plants a stable place above the ground.

Its always interesting to know natures design. To cut the long story short I have just given you a basic understanding on soil layers. While it is not important to design the same formation in our raised beds, pots or grow bags, it is important that we design a basic setup for the plants to thrive. This is called the “sandwich soil” layering method. The above information would help you understand why we need to prepare the soil layers in our pots

Will write about the method sandwich soil layering method next.

Happy gardening folks

Crazy Gardener

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