A fresh start

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You might be wondering why I created this website/ blog under the cover  of sharing tips on gardening yet still only blogging my personal philosophical thoughts.

Being an orhanic gardener require a lots of courage, will power and hard work. Its not a simple task. A courage to say no to inorganic methods. A courage and will power to learn the ways of nature and move ahead. Hard work in terms of physical and mental attitude towards the forces of nature. I personally feel this is my responsibility to seed and nurture this in your minds for a better experience as an organic gardener.

Ever since I started practicing organic gardening I have been facing all types of hardships both from humans and nature. But my strong following of the 3P’s I preach has kept me going. As they say “A Cherry on top” nature has yet again left me with a challenge in the name of “Vardha”.

What you are seeing above is the glimpse of the status of my organic terrace garden post the fury of cyclonic storm Vardha which has devastated the daily life of every person in the city of Chennai.

The cyclone has stormed out leaving power cables down, spoiling the under sea firber optics leaving the network down. The city is in the state of stalemate with no practical communication/ knowledge of communication on the devastation, yet the city is radiating back with positive minded people working hard to set things back.

As there is no power taking care of family needs are of top most priority however it is also important for me as a gardener to recover and nurture the surviving plants with which I can rebuild the garden.

With uncertinity on when the power woukd resume, using the water available in the water tank for garden needs is not an advisable task. So have to fetch water from ground all the way to the 3rd floor. Have to clear the debries and make way to the plants that did survive yet lying under the debris for some one to save them. No practical (physical) help from neighbours as they do have understandable priorities to take care of there family. Even hired worker are into activities that has much larger priorities.

Hence its game on yet again me rebuilding the garden from scratch physically alone but mentally strong and supported by like minded positive souls. I will document each and every step of my journey so that all can benefit.

Thank you folks for spending your time. The light is on so let me get to my garden first before other priorities pitch in.

Happy gardening.

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